Prices for Concubine Relationships in Iran

In "Islamic Republic of Iran" it's a crime for anyone who sleeps with someone else outside a marriage relationship. However what islamic fundamentalists are suggesting is something called "SIGHEH" (Concubine)  which allows individuals to be in somehow a version of short marriage (from a few hours to a few days or weeks) and thus be allowed to have sex. The above picture is from a local newspaper in the holy city of Mashhad. (Where the holy shrine of Imam Reza is located)
The Registration office related to "SIGHEH" is asking for girls (virgins & non-virgins) from 12-35 years olds to come and register if willing to participate in this type of relationship with male pilgrims of the hole shrine. 
It has even indicated a price for different durations of each relationship:
5 Hours: 50$
1 Day: 75$
2 Days: 100$
3 Days: 150$
4-10 Days : 300$ 

Furthermore it has even mentioned that an amount of extra 100$ will be paid to virgins for losing their virginity

One more final interesting fact is that it asks for parent's written permission for those below 14 years of age

What do you think?

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