The Oddest Poker Players In The World

Poker has attracted its share of eccentrics and odd personalities over the years, especially with the recent rise of popularity of poker in general as well as a growing number televised poker shows. It takes a special type of personality to excel at poker at the highest levels (where the single turn of a card can cost players hundreds of thousands of dollars) and in some cases the bright lights and television cameras just magnify the crazy.
There’s no better example of that than the self-styled “Poker Brat”, Phil Hellmuth. While Hellmuth was arguably one of the game’s best players in the 1990s and early 2000s, he’s become better known in recent years for his antics around the poker tables than his play at them. Love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue with his success at building a brand out of being one of poker’s bad boys, keeping himself firmly in the public eye and cashing in on endorsements.
Sponsored by Ultimate Bet, Hellmuth has created an annual tradition at the World Series of Poker Main Event by making a grand entrance on his starting day, dressing up in various costumes and themes. He’s arrived as Julius Caesar, General Patton, behind the wheel of a face car, and as a MMA fighter, just to name a few. For a taste of the typical Hellmuthian spectacle, check out the video below:

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